Sophie Newman is the Moon twin. She is the sister of Josh Newman, and was known for most of the series to be further along in her training than her brother. This is mainly because she was awakened first, by Hecate, and was rushed to the Witch of Endor after Hecate's Shadowrealm collapsed. ("The Alchemyst")


Sophie's aura is pure silver. Because of this, her "aura scent" is unable to be changed, and is vanilla. When she first had her aura activated by Hecate, she described it as smelling like vanilla ice cream.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Awakened Senses - Awakened by Hecate.

Aura Manipulation - Can manipulate her aura into weapons, armor, and more.

Elemental Manipulation:

Air - Trained by the Witch of Endor.

Fire - Trained by Saint Germaine,.

Water - Trained by Gilgamesh.

Earth - Trained by Tsagaglalal.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sophie is described to be blonde and with blue eyes, resembling her twin Josh.